Today. Tomorrow. Together

Coton de Tulear is named so since they’re believed to have come from Tulear Madagascar. They also have fine, cotton like coats that make people like them. These interesting small dogs are showcased with medium to long, cotton-like and very soft hair (therefore can’t even be considered a fur) which actually is similar to a cotton ball. They have a sweet black nose, expressive pair of eyes that are typically covered with their bangs, and legs that are of short size which appears cuddly and quite interesting. You will certainly adore this dog the fact that this breed are non-shedding although they used to shed their puppy coat throughout their puppy stage.

The dog breed Coton de Tulear is hypoallergenic making it perfect to be presented as gifts, like to your younger cousins, nephews, nieces or children, who might have pet allergies. Raising these dogs is quiet simple and attending their proper grooming needs might be the only tough part of it. The hair of such dogs should be combed daily so that it will not have a tangled hair. Like other kinds of dog, they can also become stinky so they must be washed correctly to keep them clean and fresh. By doing this on a regular basis, stink will be lessened.

The Coton de Tulear pictures that you can observe in the internet are cottony dogs coming in tricolors, white and black, or plain white. Their colors are also excellent because it doesn’t fade quickly. While at one point, some of those white colored Coton de Tulears with tan change their tanned part into white. On the other hand, black ones can turn into grey or white as time passes by.

Dependent on how they look and how they are defined, the charm of the Coton de Tulears is truly something which is unique. These canines also have the characteristics of being playful, clever, and can sense moodiness of people. Hence, it is but right to say that having this dog with you the whole day will give you bunch of fun and delight. You can in fact play with them during your free times. They can also be great play pals of your youngsters. Showing-off their ‘walking tricks’ in jumping up, and making use of their hind legs in walking are just some of the tricks that this dog carry out. These dogs are usually curious when they are taken to some places or situations that are new to them. Moreover, they are very delighted in the presence of new people also.
There is no need to worry to get Coton de Tulears along with your other breed of dogs since they are too friendly and are easy to please so long as you train them properly. Don’t forget that you have to show them who are the leader of the pack.

These dogs are usually hyperactive during the evening so get yourself set for more fun and entertainment as they show-off their skills. Aside from their playful traits, Coton de Tulears love to run and go swimming.